Life can be …

                                                           Life can be…  Life can be… Life can be rainbow after rain... Life can be sunshine after night and sunrise, after all... Life can be a mirage after a walk spends in the desert... Life can be a star during a night in the darkness… Life can be comfort after a cramp  Life can be... Continue Reading →


                                           #Girlspower The road to emancipation is becoming increasingly compelling for women.Being a woman is a way to be independent, daily challenge, and great courage to unhinge all the blocks born and built by the mediocrity... Continue Reading →

The risk factor

The risk factor However, do we want to live this life? Is being lucky enough for us? Or do we want more?The education proposed to us is undoubtedly that of self-respect, respect for others, and hard work to achieve extraordinary results.Nevertheless, it is not always enough!It is about getting involved, traveling, meeting new cultures, different... Continue Reading →

Becoming authentic

Becoming authentic Many people identify and focus their attention on famous and successful people.The fulfillment and achievement of a project spring up and stirs up fascinating souls of such self-affirmation in society.The emulation towards the other implies more security and willingness to turn the spotlight in the shortest possible time.However, is everything right what there... Continue Reading →

So, do you want to be a Writer

if it doesn't come bursting out of youin spite of everything,don't do it.unless it comes unasked out of yourheart and your mind and your mouthand your gut,don't do it.if you have to sit for hoursstaring at your computer screenor hunched over yourtypewritersearching for words,don't do it.if you're doing it for money orfame,don't do it.if you're... Continue Reading →

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