Bob Kennedy

"Even as we sleep, the pain that cannot forget falls drop by drop on our hearts until, even in our despair and even against our will wisdom prevails through the grace of God."Bob Kennedy (Aeschylus )Good night


"Woman came out of man's rib, not from the feet to be trodden down, not from the head to be superior but from the side, to be equal, under the arm to be protected, next to the heart to be loved."(WIlliam Shakespeare).

Personal thought

Every time an American's life is broken for no reason by another American, every time that vital fabric that another man has so painfully and painstakingly woven, for himself and for his children, every time this happens the whole nation is humbled. Yet we seem to tolerate an increasing level of violence that ignores both... Continue Reading →

Cancer update and target

Cancer: by 2050 it will be defeated by immunotherapy according to Dr. Honjo Cancer: by 2050 it will be defeated by immunotherapy according to Nobel Laureate HonjoAccording to Tasuku Honjo, Nobel Laureate in Medicine 2018, in 30 years if cancer cannot be permanently defeated, it can be stopped.Use the immune system's own defenses as weapons.... Continue Reading →

Open minded


Hanging around

there is an old saying " you hang around the barber shop long enough , sooner or later you are going to get a haircut ..

Believe it

Weather investors believe it or not. Weather your friends believe it or not, Weather your parents believe it or not.That’s not important to you believe it, your team believe it and work day and night on this.That’s how things happen.Make enough mistake .you fall. stand up. any mistake is an income.its a wonder full revenue.... Continue Reading →

Revolution in the air

To those -- to those who would tear the world down: We will defeat you. To those who seek peace and security: We support you. And to all those who have wondered if America's beacon still burns as bright: Tonight we proved once more that the true strength of our nation comes not from the... Continue Reading →

Benefits Ginko Biloba

Ginkgo biloba has many health benefits. It’s often used to treat mental health conditions, Alzheimer’s disease, and fatigue. It’s been used in traditional Chinese medicine for about 1,000 years. It came on the Western culture scene a few centuries ago but has enjoyed a surge of popularity over the last few decades. Uses of ginkgo biloba Ginkgo is... Continue Reading →

Charlotte Bellis: safe journey home

Charlotte Bellis can now go home.the government gives the green light to return home, a flight and quarantine are ready for her.The pregnant New Zealand journalist, reluctantly helped by the Taliban, can now return home.Charlotte Bellis, a reporter from New Zealand, was stranded in Afghanistan due to anti-covid restrictions imposed by her country of origin.Thanks... Continue Reading →

A soldier for Freedom and Democracy.

Italy and Europe are crying for the loss of David Sassoli.David Sassoli, the president of the European Parliament, died early Tuesday in Italy. He was 65He was recently hospitalized for severe pneumonia in France and then he returned to Italy.Sassoli was hospitalized in Italy on the 26th of December.He was a Journalist and was the... Continue Reading →

Save a Fox

Save a FoxA target, a lifestyle.If you love animals you can’t avoid this account. Save a Fox, a big house farm in the USA, Minnesota covered by foxes.These foxes are managed by Mikayla, a very funny woman that looks after animals.The main character is Dixie Do and Finnegan Fox wich can make your day.This YouTube... Continue Reading →

Don’t forget to Rock n’Roll

After Christmas surfing on the web, I was looking for a cover from the one and only Rory Gallagher. The song it's called "Bad Penny” and suddenly appears a Band called "Vanja Sky". At that moment nothing interacted with me because I thought that it was a simple cover. Instead, the following day the Band... Continue Reading →

Vintage : Old but Gold !!

         Vintage Evergreen The fashion industry every year has to release new art and opera about how to dress. But there is one section that never knows the sunset. It's is all time ready behind the mountain of creativity playing hide and seek; it's the era of Vintage that never disappears. In tough times of outbreaks... Continue Reading →

The personification of the capable politician!

Jacinda Arden The personification of the capable politician! At his last appearances and political gatherings, we embrace and kiss each other not because people are irresponsible, but because there is no longer any need for the mask and social distancing. New Zealand, led by the enterprising and kind-minded Jacinda Arden, flourished by defeating the coronavirus... Continue Reading →

Law and Order

Law and orderthey say in America, "law and order" in these moments to defeat society's inequalities.In times of unrest, riots, a financial and civil crisis, the only remedy is the strength of reason and law.That law that was so dear to Falcone and Borsellino and which they were managing to defeat the cancer of civilization,... Continue Reading →

I feel like

I feel like … In this historical moment of isolation, time to reflect, there has been enough, even too much.Reflect on the 30 years that are coming, on the achievements, and to between the house walls and the landscapes that overlook the horizon of adventure the time fly inexorably, waiting for new usDuring these... Continue Reading →

Life can be …

                                                           Life can be…  Life can be… Life can be rainbow after rain... Life can be sunshine after night and sunrise, after all... Life can be a mirage after a walk spends in the desert... Life can be a star during a night in the darkness… Life can be comfort after a cramp  Life can be... Continue Reading →


A portfolio dedicated to young girls-women on the climax of their career. I start to share the main characters, especially the younger ones, the most talented and most rising stars of fashion, art, politics, business, and leaders of the feminist movement see you soon, Yours Fabio

Dove sei??

Non riesco a non pensare a teAnche quando non vorreiUna via d'uscita anche se c'èSembra sia introvabileAi miei amici che continuano a dirmi che non fai per meRispondo che non voglio più star male perché non sei tuMa la notte tardi vieni quiE mi prendi le maniIl tuo sguardo si fa serio e poiMi guardi... Continue Reading →

the other half

One day Zeus, wanting to punish the man without destroying him, cut him in two. Since then, each of us is the symbol of a man { hekastos oun Hemon estin anthropou symbolon}, the half that seeks the other half, the corresponding symbol. To heal the ancient wound, Zeus, after inflicting it, sent Love: Love... Continue Reading →


When I proposed the theory of relativity, very few understood me,and also what I'm going to reveal to you now,for you to pass it on to mankind,will come up against the misunderstanding and prejudice of the world.However, I ask that you guard it foras long as it takes, years, decades,until society has progressed enough…to accept... Continue Reading →

The real meaning of the Christian religion

Opinion I speak for 2.3 billion people who are close to Christianity.I say close because if they were so influential, the world would be better for the most part.The meaning of true belief is based on an obsolete and sometimes unconvincing culture.I support this because the world continues to change rapidly, and the inappropriate use... Continue Reading →

A year…

A year like this.Spent remembering and searching in our hearts for the most beautiful and intimate moments spent with you.You who have always defended the family, parents, brothers and nephews and nieces with whom you were confronted, and you envied their youth's freshness.You who lived of news and experiences lived in all the world's places... Continue Reading →


                                           #Girlspower The road to emancipation is becoming increasingly compelling for women.Being a woman is a way to be independent, daily challenge, and great courage to unhinge all the blocks born and built by the mediocrity... Continue Reading →

The risk factor

The risk factor However, do we want to live this life? Is being lucky enough for us? Or do we want more?The education proposed to us is undoubtedly that of self-respect, respect for others, and hard work to achieve extraordinary results.Nevertheless, it is not always enough!It is about getting involved, traveling, meeting new cultures, different... Continue Reading →

Rossi of passion, Vale forever

In the unprecedented Grand Prix of Andalusia ( Jerez, Spain ) both for the COVID -19 and for the exclusion after the operation of Marc Marquez still convalescing, a young promise of 41 candles named Valentino Rossi shows up once again.World Championships won: 9 Races played: 403Races won: 115 Pole position: 65At his venerable age,... Continue Reading →

Becoming authentic

Becoming authentic Many people identify and focus their attention on famous and successful people.The fulfillment and achievement of a project spring up and stirs up fascinating souls of such self-affirmation in society.The emulation towards the other implies more security and willingness to turn the spotlight in the shortest possible time.However, is everything right what there... Continue Reading →

Change.we can, we must

Children's naivety should be the lighthouse of our lives, but the rudeness and ignorance of many lead us to be debunked.We must reorganize ourselves somehow, and through respect for others and ourselves, it is urgent to say and affirm that perseverance and culture can give us great satisfaction.In a world where judgment becomes the shield... Continue Reading →

No choice, no life

The Canto III of Hell shows us a harsh way of how we should not face life. These damned are those who, during their lives, have never acted either for good or for evil, without ever daring to have an idea of their own, but limiting themselves always to that of the strongest. Among them... Continue Reading →

So, do you want to be a Writer

if it doesn't come bursting out of youin spite of everything,don't do it.unless it comes unasked out of yourheart and your mind and your mouthand your gut,don't do it.if you have to sit for hoursstaring at your computer screenor hunched over yourtypewritersearching for words,don't do it.if you're doing it for money orfame,don't do it.if you're... Continue Reading →

Advice to Young’s Poet

“And for heaven’s sake, publish nothing before you are thirty. That, I am sure, is of very great importance. Most of the faults in the poems I have been reading can be explained, I think, by the fact that they have been exposed to the fierce light of publicity while they were still too young... Continue Reading →

the milestone of the greatness

The random act is called Kindness, without reward and expectations, giving oneself without asking and receiving anything, talking, sharing, and doing great things, the awareness of becoming the greatest while staying humble. Poetry - Fabio Iacobini

Those of the moon

Those of the moonThose that when you look at them, you would like to reach them at any time but they seem far away and almost impossible to reach …Those who illuminate your day even when everything seems dark without blinding you or burning you…Those who conquer them is a memorable feat…Those who, if it's... Continue Reading →

Slave of pleasure

Freedom is merely consisting of doing what we want or in the absence of obstacles to getting what we want, that what we think of freedom, but not in Kant's thought.Kant has more restrictions and demanding notions about the view to be free.if we look through, start to be very persuasive:Kant reasons follow: "When we,... Continue Reading →

Our urgent task!

The whole world agrees that the current situation of armed peace is unsustainable and is gradually becoming impossible. It imposes enormous sacrifices on individual nations, which far exceed the expenditure made for cultural purposes, and without any positive value being derived from it. If then humanity would find the means and the way to eliminate... Continue Reading →

earning without living

When the people turned into masses when the thinking and independent individual is corrupted by globalization and consumerism, one stopped dreaming and being and decided to have and earn without living .conformism and homologation has led to death in man's life.

the beginning of a new era

The symbol of the sin of disobedience, freedom, and knowledge that rebels against the status quo of mediocrity and living waiting for something to change and someone to do it for us in the compromise between good and evil that makes the ego and personality of each one of us, flourish against the adversities of... Continue Reading →

the infinite consciousness of god

Only a few types of people have access to the infinite consciousness of God; Women, Mothers and those who, through work, sacrifice their own freedom and well-being, given as a gift, for the common good… there is another option with which, through the acceptance of the compromise of the other to the same infinite feeling... Continue Reading →

The dark side of our life

The life of each one of us is studded with as many shadows, but the important thing is to rely on perseverance and to serve others in the best possible way.Even the brightest stars need darkness to become sparkling

reach up the perfection

It is only through Art and through Art only that we can realize our perfection; Through Art and art only that we can shield ourselves from the sordid perils of actual existence. Oscar Wilde

The Irish God : Rory Gallagher

Any time fans or critics are asked to pick the most influential and innovative guitarists in rock history, iconic names such as Eric Clapton and Queen’s Brian May invariably crop up. But if you asked those legends which guitar god they respect the most; chances are they’ll cite Rory Gallagher. Clapton once told the BBC that Gallagher should... Continue Reading →

Rosa Parks’s Story

Any time fans or critics are asked to pick the most influential and innovative guitarists in rock history, iconic names such as Eric Clapton and Queen’s Brian May invariably crop up. But if you asked those legends which guitar god they respect the most, they’ll cite Rory Gallagher. Clapton once told the BBC that Gallagher should be credited... Continue Reading →

Know who you are

All of you leaving here have the.Potential for enormous success, there's a.A price that comes with that first and.First, knowing who you know who.You can answer this.Question Who am I and what do I want? I'm.We are asking the bigger question.Who am I really and what do I want I.Don't want to be successful.World.I don't... Continue Reading →

Chinese Bamboo Tree

I don’t know if you’ve heard this story about the Chinese Bamboo Tree before now but this is one of those lessons that really sticks with you.  The Chinese Bamboo Tree teaches us success lessons on patience, faith, perseverance, growth & development and most surprising of all… human potential! Like any plant, growth of the Chinese Bamboo Tree requires... Continue Reading →

Leaders needs EI to succeed

Emotional Intelligence' Definition: Emotional intelligence refers to a person's ability to manage and control his or her emotions and possess the ability to control the feelings of others as well. In other words, they can influence the attitudes of other people also.  Description: Emotional intelligence is an essential skill in leadership. It is said to have five... Continue Reading →

How to win Friends and influence People

Techniques in Handling People Don’t criticize, condemn or complain.Give honest and sincere appreciation.Arouse in the other person an eager want. Six ways to make people like you Become genuinely interested in other people.Smile.Remember that a person’s name is to that person the sweetest and most important sound in any language.Be a good listener. Encourage others... Continue Reading →

Broken windows Theory

A concept derived from an article by James Q. Wilson and George L. Kelling published in March 1982 in The Atlantic Monthly. The authors argued that neighborhood disorder creates fear and gives out crime-promoting signals. According to the theory, targeting small problems, such as vandalism on walls, litter on sidewalks, or broken windows in abandoned buildings, will... Continue Reading →

Eight and Bob

Albert Fouquet, the son of a Parisian aristocrat, was part of elite French society in the early twentieth century and a perfume connoisseur. In a room on the upper floor of the family chateau, Fouquet created and perfected various essences for his personal use – aided by Philippe, the family butler. At social events, he... Continue Reading →

Cancer Immunotherapy : 2018 Nobel Prize

The Nobel Prize in medicine for 2018 was awarded to Prof James Allison of MD Anderson Cancer Center, USA, and Prof Tasuku Honjo of Kyoto University, Japan, to discover cancer therapy by inhibition of negative immune regulation. Previously in 2014, they both received the first Tang Prize for biopharmaceutical science for their work, Prof Allison... Continue Reading →

RFK Kansas University Speech

"With too much insistence and for too long, it seems that we have renounced personal excellence and community values in favour of the mere accumulation of earthly goods. Our GDP has exceeded $800 billion a year, but that GDP - if we judge the US by it - also includes air pollution, cigarette advertising and... Continue Reading →

Steve Jobs Last words

“I reached the pinnacle of success in the business world. In others’ eyes, my life is an epitome of success. However, aside from work, I have little joy. In the end, wealth is only a fact of life that I am accustomed to. At this moment, lying on the sick bed and recalling my whole... Continue Reading →

The Golden Rule :behave like social networker

Microsoft recommends this simole fundamental principle which will help content created by advertisers to resonate with social networkers: behave like the best social networkers trought : Being creative Being honest and courteous (ask permission) Being individual Being conscious of the audience Updating regulary

What is Immunotherapy?

What is immunotherapy? Immunotherapy refers to any treatment that uses the immune system to fight diseases, including cancer. Unlike chemotherapy, which kills cancer cells, immunotherapy acts on the immune system's cells to help them attack cancer. What are the types of immunotherapy? Drugs called checkpoint inhibitors are the most widely used form of immunotherapy for... Continue Reading →

Opdivo (Nivolumab ) Cancer Treatment

What is nivolumab? Nivolumab, commonly known under the trade name OpdivoÒ, is a substance that belongs to the class of anticancer drugs called monoclonal antibodies. It is mainly used for the treatment of patients with advanced melanoma (not resectable or metastatic) in adults, alone or in association with hypilimumab. It is indicated for the treatment... Continue Reading →

Combating Cancer

The researchers have not yet officially found a solution to cancer because many of them depend on pharmaceutical companies for their good and their livelihood. Many people are not aware that disease does not have a viable solution because pharmaceutical companies tend to focus their research on cancer treatment methods to generate the best possible... Continue Reading →

Coco Chanel Quote

Coco Chanel once said that if a woman is poorly dressed, you notice her dress, and if she's impeccably dressed, you notice the woman

So we can start with this

Lesson number 1 Any mistake it's a wonderful revenue for you . I told to my young people . “When you are 20 to 30 years old, you should follow a good boss [and] join a good company to learn how to do things properly,” Ma said. “When you are 30 to 40 years old,... Continue Reading →

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