Cancer update and target

Cancer: by 2050 it will be defeated by immunotherapy according to Dr. Honjo Cancer: by 2050 it will be defeated by immunotherapy according to Nobel Laureate HonjoAccording to Tasuku Honjo, Nobel Laureate in Medicine 2018, in 30 years if cancer cannot be permanently defeated, it can be stopped.Use the immune system's own defenses as weapons.... Continue Reading →

Cancer Immunotherapy : 2018 Nobel Prize

The Nobel Prize in medicine for 2018 was awarded to Prof James Allison of MD Anderson Cancer Center, USA, and Prof Tasuku Honjo of Kyoto University, Japan, to discover cancer therapy by inhibition of negative immune regulation. Previously in 2014, they both received the first Tang Prize for biopharmaceutical science for their work, Prof Allison... Continue Reading →

What is Immunotherapy?

What is immunotherapy? Immunotherapy refers to any treatment that uses the immune system to fight diseases, including cancer. Unlike chemotherapy, which kills cancer cells, immunotherapy acts on the immune system's cells to help them attack cancer. What are the types of immunotherapy? Drugs called checkpoint inhibitors are the most widely used form of immunotherapy for... Continue Reading →

Opdivo (Nivolumab ) Cancer Treatment

What is nivolumab? Nivolumab, commonly known under the trade name OpdivoÒ, is a substance that belongs to the class of anticancer drugs called monoclonal antibodies. It is mainly used for the treatment of patients with advanced melanoma (not resectable or metastatic) in adults, alone or in association with hypilimumab. It is indicated for the treatment... Continue Reading →

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