United we stand , divided we fall

Unity, the only way out of the crisis”
United we stand , divided we fall

Justice , equity , equal opportunities and jobs!!!
The slogan beating the desperate souls of an unparalleled crisis trying to glimpse a glimmer of hope and prosperity to make this life worth living.
A world worn down by power, money and the arrogance to assert themselves over each other as in the savannah driven by uncontrollable hunger.
We start from 0 one more time also because doing worse becomes almost impossible , barring cataclysms and apocalypse.
I dream of a common alliance with each the same idea of turning over a new leaf and working assiduously for a long-term project even if life will one day tell us enough is enough.
Visionary Men and Women, not hoarding the best lifestyle but a fraternal equality giving up their pride and prejudice .
Open-mindedness and tolerance that push people to do better by seeking the goal of being happy, enthusiastic and useful to the common good.
Success is a long journey of perseverance, effort and competence of which the person should learn not to complain and give himself or herself.
Religions , millenarian laws , should make room for ethics and the will to set being free and not repress it in a bell jar.
The teaching that could be deduced is that propelled by the charisma of knowledge and a school that is not prolix in the centrifuge of subjects but that of a synthesis of respect for the individual , for the laws of life that make man worthy of being such .

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