Vintage : Old but Gold !!

         Vintage Evergreen

The fashion industry every year has to release new art and opera about how to dress.

But there is one section that never knows the sunset.

It’s is all time ready behind the mountain of creativity playing hide and seek; it’s the era of Vintage that never disappears.

In tough times of outbreaks and financial crisis, the new way to express yourself is to recycle clothes.

The mindset is to keep your head focused on your job, lucky if you still have it, and make money and try to save it.; never know what’s going to happen next.

Everything passes in the second moment; it’s not necessary, includes Fashion.

Lockdown and impossibility to show up like before compromises your creativity to buy new clothes for the new autumn and winter season.

Fashion is still upgrading but never regrets his roots.

The story of Sophia Amoruso, I don’t know if you read it or heard it, it’s pretty famous, by the way, show us the power of the vintage industry.

She comes from nowhere, business talking, and starting with no money, she began to build his emperor. 

She worked as a shop assistant in a clothing shop and at the university to check the university student’s ID.

She started to study by herself how to sell second-hand clothes on eBay, and soon after, she realized her dream to become the Girlboss of Fashion.

She created his brand name, “NastyGal.” And from 0, she made more than 200 million dollars.

 It’s plenty of stories about t Vintage, and the Fashion industry knows it!

Here in Italy, there is a rule. Never throw away clothest; it will come back trendy once again.

Italy, the epicenter of art and creativity, and being concern that we don’t have the same power as the USA, we have to create the famous MADE IN ITALY and try to sell abroad.

The Maison “Etro,” an Italian industry, put Vintage as the principal basement to develop his roots and branches.

The luxury idea to create something new and original has never forgotten the principal motto to stay eternal.

Every six months, we have to change our habits and clothes, but it seems the Vintage we can keep them without fading away.

Even the English Designer Paul Smith seems to marry this idea of art.

If you look at his dress, he tries to give the man an Identity of elegance and 

Sport at the same time with the conditioning of England tradition.

The success of the famous street “Portobello Road” in Notting Hill district, in London, is linked with Vintage clothes, being very busy, every Saturday, for more than a century.

During the world war and the general financial crisis, the industry tried to recycle clothes in our wardrobe to take care of our mood and style.

In every business, the trend is to become successful as long as possible, but we know that, like in a stock market, being with positive trends all the time is almost impossible.

It implies keeping your brand loyalty with your philosophy but trying to elaborate and making original creation all the time.

If we move in the charity world made of second-hand clothes,  the leader campaign Oxfam wisely sees the world.

After many clothes’ requests, not brand new anymore, they invest in Vintage, increasing sales by more than 400%.

If we look at being influential and respected, the Jackie O’ style doesn’t know the end.

With simplicity and humbleness, she gave a personification of the next Woman in the modern world.

Even Melania Trump du Donald Trump’s inauguration speech, she copied from JFK’s wife.

What will happen when a celebrity like Kim Kardashian swaps from luxury clothes to vintage clothes?

An influencer like her did it already and move the business in the other direction.

Behind of green mass movement of Greta Thunberg  and at the recent disaster and fire in Australia made by the constant increase of emergency climate change, also the choice of how to dress, today has his importance 

They do to the new Generation. They choose to wear Vintage not only to be trendy but to become like, during the ’60s and ’70s, a message of protest against climate change and pollution!

Everything is changing during this 2020, but instead of creating new collections, it seems like the Fashion protects itself from Vintage clothes’ sure success.

                                            Evergreen and always cool! 

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