Rossi of passion, Vale forever

In the unprecedented Grand Prix of Andalusia ( Jerez, Spain ) both for the COVID -19 and for the exclusion after the operation of Marc Marquez still convalescing, a young promise of 41 candles named Valentino Rossi shows up once again.
World Championships won: 9 Races played: 403
Races won: 115 Pole position: 65
At his venerable age, he amazes those who follow him in every sense, to reaffirm himself for those who have always believed in him.
A man who no longer has anything to prove, he continues to have fun and enjoy himself despite the divorce anticipated by the official Yamaha.
As for the home of the three Diapason logo, the guy from Pesaro will almost certainly be a driver in 2021 in the competitive team of Petronas customers.
In the last five years after the exploit of 2015 with the world championship lost at the last race in Valencia, starting last – due to a penalty trimmed in the previous Grand Prix in Sepang – “the doctor” fell in a limbo made of technical problems and unexpected misfortunes. The last victory dated back to the Assen GP in 2017.
There is no question of talent, charisma, and the ability to transform and perfect a bike, not even considering that in the transition from the dominant Honda to Yamaha in 2004, he managed to win with a bike that until then had been poor performance.
It is the short story of an almost unrepeatable legendary career established only by his colleague Marc Marquez but with a very different story made of risky choices made by the Italian rider to defend his competence besieged by criticism made against an invincible rider, without real competitors and a bike like Honda that made almost all unattainable.
Since That time, Valentino Rossi has been the nightmare for the critics, and the dream for his fans, considering that many people have become passionate regarding motorcycling thanks to his communicative skills, worthing in 2005 the honorary degree in “Communication and advertising for organizations” at the Faculty of Sociology at the University of Urbino.
This podium “Vale” as a victory and gives excellent teaching of awareness in their means and perseverance that exceeds in every sense the age limits that are indicated only at the registry office but not yet in the speedometer that marks the maximum rpm of the engine, enthusiasm, passion, and pride to be still the number 46 most famous in the world and the number 1 in the supporters of those who want to become champion in motorcycles, in life and in the joy of still achieving unexpected results but achievable with the desire of a young boy who pursues the dream that he has already realized, but wants to make it unique in the time limit of this life to overtake at crazy speed as in a motorcycle race.

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