When I wrote this book, 📚 I understood this … man is born of reproduces and dies … applies to all … the mind is regenerated and learns through the emotions and experiences made during a lifetime, which can be passed down through generations with the sole task of being saved, progressing themselves and possibly others, understanding what is right and wrong, and avoiding falling into problems … The human mind can be conditioned and sometimes forced to do certain things without knowing The next consequences before they act … this happens to those who live in a constant habitat of ignorance and wickedness wanted or not … in the century to come this will happen, with the media and the media … will teach you an education based on the submission of others, the power of the rich on the poor, the old on the young and so on … creating such a chain and confusion that it is impossible to dislocate … those who behave differently while using reason and common sense will remain in the minority, creating a social and economic disparity … those who understand this will use this tool to command and go to power by manipulating the masses … I, JFK, RFK, MLK, Malcolm X, and I have tried to tell you the truth … that uncomfortable truth that brings wickedness and judgment that cannot be expressed … the will be repressed in a world of hypocrisy and falsehood … a life destined not to be lived because it is imprisoned in past dictatorships always present today



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